Wednesday, April 27, 2011

taking measurements for a tailormade bike

a bikefriday is made exactly in your desired measurements and specification.
i did not know how difficult it is to take these measurements from existing bikes.

most of my old bikes are too stretched for touring:

even my beautiful rocky mountain which gives a speedy and comfortable ride for a couple of hours is not suited for a tour. the ride is too stretched. ideal for the mountains and for fast cityrides, not very comfortable for 8 hours in the saddle in a row.

so i unpacked my 35 year old touring bike MADE IN GERMANY by HKS:
this is a fabulous bike: undestructible, aluminum, very comfortable

i took the measurements from this bike and i hope i will get a bikefriday that will emulate this ride...

bb to saddle: 29.92
ground to bars: 41.92 inches
crankarm also 175 cm
saddle to bar: 24.8 inches
ground to saddle: 40.413 inches

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